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MANTA - Switch Cross Clip Kit

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Product Description

MSCC Kit - Switch Cross Clip Kit


MSCS Kit allows you to install a momentary activation switch within the panel, utilizing MantaRails Micro Pocket technology. No more tape, glue or cable ties! Simply insert the pressure pad into the Micro Pocket and snap onto you rail system. Our positive engagement design locks the switch anywhere on your rail. Wire Clips are also included with this kit to manage and lock extra wire onto your rail!  The modular design allows you to interface panels with any of the MantaRail products, allowing you to cover any exposed rail area!  Run all wires and switches within the grip utilizing Micro Pocket Technology. Heat transfer from the rail to your hand has become a thing of the past with MantaRails.   All MantaRail Products are produced from Military Standard Materials that will resist Extreme Heat, Chemicals and Abrasion!




MSCS Kit Includes:

 ( 1 ) M1020 – 2.75” Micro Pocket Panel

 ( 2 ) M1050 – Cross Clips


Manufactured: 100% Made in the USA

Product Videos

MantaRails Micro Pocket and Cross Clip Installation (02:30)
Quickly and easily attach a flashlight or laser to any rail system utilizing the Manta Micro Pocket panel and Cross Clips. Manage your wires and pressure pads while protecting them from external hazards. We are proud to say that the Manta Micro Pocket and Cross Clips are standard issue on the U.S.M.C M27 rifle with the following NSN numbers:Micro Pocket Panel 1021-FLAT DARK EARTH GRIP,RIFLE NSN 1005016071662Micro Pocket Panel 1020-BLACK GRIP,RIFLE NSN 1005016071663Cross Clip 1050-BLACK GRIP,RIFLE NSN 1005016071664Cross Clip 1051-FLAT DARK EARTH GRIP,RIFLE NSN1005016071666
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