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BCO-001 4x32 BROWE® Combat Optic w/ .223 Chevron Reticle

$1,440.00 (excluding tax)
1.00 LBS
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Housing Color:
Reticle Ilumination:
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Product Description

4x32 BCO with Red BCO Chevron Reticle designed for 5.56mm NATO, Throw lever mount for Mil 1913 Rail, Lenspen® cleaning tool, Surefire® Lithium 3v battery, Pelican™ storage case, and user manual.

4x32 BCO with BCO Chevron Reticle designed for .223, adjustable Quick Detach Mount, Lenspen® cleaning tool, Surefire® Lithium 3v battery, storage case, and Operator Manual.

4x32 BROWE® Combat Optic (BCO)

The 4x32 BROWE® Combat Optic (BCO) is a state-of-the-art optic that delivers the best-in-practice features of high-quality optical glass, high precision machining, and rugged military design with unique, next-in-practice features that puts the BROWE® Combat Optic (BCO) at the forefront of its class. The BCO offers customers a modern designed, internally-adjustable, combat optic with many unique features, such as Single Intuitive Control (SIC), Target Light Sensor Technology, field-programmable BCO Microcontroller, and a vibration sensor – all packaged in a rugged and versatile 7075-T6 Aluminum forged housing.


Product Specifications:

Magnification: 4x

Entrance Pupil: 32mm

Exit Pupil: 8mm

Eye Relief: 37mm

Length:  132mm nominal

Width: 67mm nominal  

Weight:   17 oz.

Field of view: 7 °

Adjustment at 100 yards: .5 MOA

Adjustment: Internally adjustable prism

Reticle pattern: BCO Chevron 5.56 NATO, with stadia lines ranging from 100m to 800m

Ballistic Compensated:  .223 Caliber

Color Day/Night: Red, Amber, Blue, or Green

Illumination source: LED

Illumination source controlled-Automatic: Cadmium-Sulfide photocell and flash programmable Microcontroller

Illumination source controlled-Manual: 10 days settings and 3 night vision

Battery Usage Life: 2000 hrs. Typ. (Min. 775hrs. on max brightness)

Housing Material:  Military Grade 7075-T6 Aluminum  

Water Proof: 42m / 130ft. 

Fog proof: Filled with dry nitrogen  

Lens Coatings: Broad Band Anti-Reflective Coatings



Product Features:

Target Light Sensor Technology

Through extensive R&D, we’ve discovered that mounting a sensor in the light path behind the objective lens magnifies the incoming light and provides greater accuracy of the target light levels.  In AUTOMATIC mode, this key feature allows the BCO reticle to be properly illuminated even when the user and target are in dissimilar light and avoids sensor errors caused from ambient light.  More importantly, as an operator is on the move, the BCO will continuously adjust automatically. For example, light levels can vary extremely from streets to dark alleys and buildings. In today’s urban warfare, when a nanosecond can make a difference, there’s no time to search for a poorly illuminated reticle or make manual illumination adjustments.  


Single Intuitive Control (SIC)

The operation is simple and intuitive.  The idea is revolutionary.  The system rests in the OFF position or SLEEP mode.  The first press of the SIC button puts the system into AUTOMATIC mode. In this mode, the LED automatically adjusts to the ambient light conditions using the Target Light Sensor Technology.  The second press of the button puts the system in MANUAL mode.  It starts at the brightest day setting and cycles through ten (10) day and three (3) night vision settings with every press of the SIC button.  Holding the SIC button for more than three (3) seconds puts the system back to SLEEP mode, conserving battery life. Hitting the button again puts it back into AUTOMATIC mode. Simple. Intuitive. Effective.


BCO Microcontroller

The BCO Microcontroller is the brain of the operating system. Its custom program reliably and easily controls all of the electronic features. Unique to the industry, the BCO microcontroller is capable of being re-flashed with alternative programs via a sealed flash port on the back of the battery housing. This port can also be used to attach accessories such as a momentary remote tape switch.    

Battery Sensor

The battery sensor was designed to conserve battery life by putting the electronics in SLEEP mode if usage is not detected after four (4) hours.  Additionally, if the SIC button is accidentally depressed in a carrying case or storage rack, the system automatically turns off after three (3) seconds. The BCO has an average battery usage life of 2000hrs. with a minimum of 775hrs. on max brightness.  In SLEEP mode, the battery will maintain the full 10 year life expectancy of a Surefire Lithium 123A battery.

Housing Designed to Accept Accessories

Versatility is at the forefront of the BCO housing design.  So you’ll find multiple areas for mounting “add-on” accessories. For starters, the OD of the eye-housing is a machined 30mm diameter surface with a 2mm groove for locking on dust covers or an assortment of other accessories.  Plus, two mounting bosses are placed on top of the housing for attaching additional accessories. On the objective end, we added a 42mm x 3mm OD groove and threaded the ID for added versatility for accessories, such as anti-reflection devices, dust covers, and/or laser filters. 


BCO Utility Port  

The BCO utility port is a sealed port on the backside of the battery housing.  This port can be used to update the operating firmware or customize the existing program.  It can also be used to plug in a remote pressure pad switch, so the SIC button controls can be placed at a secondary location on the weapon.  This port can also be used to import or export power.  This means that accessories such as lasers or mini red dots could be powered from the BCO battery.  Alternatively, the BCO utility port is capable of importing power, to run on an external power source such as a central power system.


Optical Design  

The BCO optical design is based on an internally adjustable roof prism optical system with an etched glass reticle.  This design was incorporated to maintain a short overall length, a platform that has proven itself successful with currently deployed products.  All lenses are precision ground of the finest quality optical glass available and are broad band anti-reflective coated possessing excellent light gathering capabilities even under low light conditions.  The glass etched reticle incorporates an LED coupled with microprocessor technology and a cadmium-sufide photocell to measure target light levels, automatically adjusting the reticle to match target lighting conditions.   



Warranty Information


BROWE, Inc. warrants every product, to the original registered owner, for a lifetime against defects in material and workmanship. We will repair, replace, or refund your original purchase price of these products at our discretion. This warranty exclusively applies to the optical systems and the metal structure of the product and does not apply to the electric system. The electrical system has a limited two (2) year warranty from the original date of purchase. Normal wear and tear, including battery draining, is not covered by this warranty. Before returning any product, you MUST obtain a Return Merchandise Authorization number. To obtain a Return Merchandise Authorization number, please contact a customer service representative or visit our website for product return instructions. This warranty does not cover defects caused by unauthorized repair, improper handling, installation or maintenance, abnormal use or unapproved alterations. This warranty gives the registered owner certain legal rights, and possibly other legal rights, which vary from state to state.

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