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ACC-002 4x32 Tenebraex killFlash Anti-Reflection Device

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Product Description



The Tenebraex Anti-Reflection Device (ARD) was developed to camouflage reflections from riflescopes and binoculars optics,  it also works as a sun guard the benefit of blocking sun glare or reflections from getting inside the scope.  The 4x32 Tenebraex killFlash ARD was design to attach directly to the (M38x1) threaded objective housing.  Works with the 4x32 BCO, 4x32 BTO, & 4x32 BSO.




Tenebraex ARD works by clustering a large number tiny tubes into a honeycomb-like grid. The length-to-width ratio of these tubes has been selected based on the field of view of the 4x32.  With this unique geometry, there is no vignetting or reduction in the field-of-view, light reduction is only on the order of 15%, any loss in resolution is imperceptible... and glint is eliminated.

Tenebraex ARDs also act to shield the interior of the 4x32 from the sun's rays, thus reducing internal glare and making for a clearer view when looking up-sun or reflections from water.  Tenebraex ARDs work well on visible light optics such as rifle scopes and binoculars, as well as on night vision optics and thermal sights.  Tenebraex ARDs are currently deployed and in use by U.S. military forces, and sportsmen.

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