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Brenton Lee Dulak - 4/17/2014

Purchased the 5.56 crosshair BCO in ATACS for my M4 in Afghanistan. After nine months in Sperwan Ghar (see Lions of Kandahar), hundreds of patrols, firefights, and several IED blasts it was still spot on with zero damage. Even the paint job remained intact. My friends went through ACOGs like they were made of plastic, cracked housings and shattered glass. I have, and will continue to recommend, this optic to anyone who demands precision and durability.

Plus, it's always a great feeling when the geardo sniper teams get a hard-on over a piece of your gear. Keep up the amazing work, it's saved my ass more times than I can count.

-Bayonet 8




I got the optic and ran it in some drills we do.  In a word...outstanding. 


Gabe Suarez - President
The Suarez Group of Companies 
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Colt M4 and Browe optic in low light, heavy wooded background @ 100m, Providence RI Police range.

The general consensus from all present is that your product is awesome!



Thomas H. Herlihy

International Sales Manager

Colt Defense LLC





...I tried a new scope in town, a BROWE 4x32 Combat Optic. Yes, it is a bit tactical-looking for a hunting rifle, but the BROWE has reticle options, plus a bonus feature that is almost giggle-worthy. When you turn on the BROWE, you get an illuminated reticle. OK, no big deal, right? Well, the reticle adjusts in intensity, depending on the light. But not the light where you are, rather the light where you are looking. So if you are in a dark hunting blind, looking out at the brightening morning, the reticle will increase in brightness as the day progresses. You don't have to adjust anything, just view the field before you. The BROWE will adjust the lit reticle to the scene downrange. Very cool.

Patrick Sweeney | Guns & Ammo





June 20, 2012

To whom it may concern,


The BCO was mounted on a M240B in order to test is ability to hold zero on a Crew serve platform. We knew the BDC was not optimized for the 7.62 (M80 Ball), but our interest was on its ability to hold Zero.

The BCO was mounted on the M240B on the 1913 rail on the cover assembly via the ARMs Mount. 

The weapon was then loaded and fired for a zero of 300 M. Zero was based on the 240 being able to keep its rounds on the 55 Gal drum target.

Then they engaged targets in varying ranges from 300M to 900M, utilizing bullet impact, tracers  (Perfectly Visible through the BCO) and hold over. They performed a reload, kept engaging targets, did a barrel swap, reloaded fired another 100 rounds rapidly, reloaded again and finished another 100 on the 300M 55 gal drum. The rounds were still on target. This was surprising for us, due to the barrel swap. We generally run Iron sights on our 240’s.

Taking the barrel swap and the reloads into consideration, the BCO performed excellently in our limited testing.  We have no doubts in the durability (Based on Weapon Operation) of the BCO on a crew serve, especially if Browe designs a Dedicated Crew Serve sight.

On another note, the optics used on the BCO are outstanding.  Everything was sharp and bright. The illuminated reticule was easy to see and attracted the eye, even in full sunlight conditions.

Total Rounds fired 400

Ranges 300-900 Meters

Ammo Type M80 Ball




2008 Stump Neck Rd

Indian Head, MD 20640

301-744-5966 DSN 354-5966

nipr william.e.cameron@navy.mil

sipr william.e.cameron@jeodnet.smil.mil




I wanted to take a minute to provide my overwhelming recommendation for the Browe line of optics and accessories.

As the Director of Purchasing for a major wholesale distributer in the United States, I am presented with new optics companies on a regular and often daily basis.

While many of these companies offer an interesting product, none of them have been of the quality and craftsmanship that I have seen in the time that we have been working with the Browe family.

The Browe lineup of optics offer more industry leading design and state of the art features than any of the other companies that I have dealt with in both the firearms industry as well as my time in combat as a member of the United States Marine Corp.

If I had to choose an optic to take onto the battlefield or to the target range, each and every time I would now choose the Browe Combat optic.


Their products are unique yet simple to operate.  By far the most advanced tactical optic I have seen.



Kevin Weyrauch

Director of Purchasing & Business Development 





I have worked the wholesale logistics area of the Defense industry for 7 years  with a  company that provides best in class tactical products, coupled with 21 years of Military experience working with Air Force Tactical Control Party members both conventional and Special Operations forces.  I have seen, used and purchased some of our nation’s best optics and I can say hands down BROWE optics is at the top of that list.  As our nation promotes greener and cleaner technologies our Military sector has followed suit with the same ambition to cut Hazardous material consumption and waste but maintaining at a minimum  the same capability.  BROWE provided a Combat Optics without the use of Hazardous Materials using simple battery illuminations as the source with key features like the Chevron or Mil Dot recitals with a color choice for the optic not to mention its water proof.  The Casing is the sturdiest I have seen with clear clean a crisp field of view.  I Recommend the Browe Combat Optic (BCO) as the choice of Optics for our Nations  war-fighters and Law enforcement personnel.

Tim Rucker

MSgt (Ret) US Air Force




Jordan Hall, Jr. World Champion (IDPA) - Shooting the 4x32 at a DMG 3-Gun Match

I would just like to let you know that I used the BCO optic today at a local DMG match and loved it! It totally beats the ACOG hands down...The auto illumination was amazing as it was a partly cloudy day it kept the reticle exactly the right brightness.






The MAJ has been testing the optic for the cold weather environment in Alaska. “…recently fired the AR with the Sight for some cold weather testing (5 degrees F).  Function was excellent. ”