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DOCTER 8x21 Monocular


The Everywhere-Mini-Scope | DOCTER® 8x21 Monocular

The appeal of the DOCTER monocular lies in its brilliant optical characteristics, in conjunction with its compact size. This miniature monocular fits in your pocket and is destined to become your permanent companion. Weighing only 80 gram, the 8x21 opens exciting worlds of observation. 


  • Extremely compact
  • Brilliant image
  • Light weight


The DOCTER® Monocular — offering an impressive performance: whether at sports events, at the theatre or at concerts — you are always taking first seat with the DOCTER® 8x21Monoocular.  The eightfold magnification turns every journey into an event — simply every day activities turn into a moment to treasure. 


The reliable DOCTER 8x21 Monocular is your constant companion, always ready at hand when unexpected opportunities offer a quick look at interesting details.  It can also serve as excellent theatre glass; small enough to fit into your pocket or handbag, this mini-glass is convincing by its incomparable optic performance.  Pure pleasure is guaranteed through outstanding brilliance, border contrast and easy handling even when watching objects at great distance. 


Magnification                                     8x

Optical System                                   Porro prism

Objective Lens Diameter (mm)          21

Exit pupil Diameter (mm)                   2.6

Eye Relief Distance (mm)                   9

Twilight Factor                                  13

Relative Brightness                            6.9

Field of view                                      6.3°

Field of view (ft/1000yd)                     330

Field of view (m/1000m)                    110

Close-up focus (m)                             2

Porro lens                                         Multi-coated

Resolution                                         8”

Weight (g)                                         80

Length (open)                                    48mm(L)x46mm(W)x46mm(H)

Length (folded)                                  76mm(L)x24mm(W)x46mm(H)

Packaging                                         Case included